Diversity Is Being Invited To Avoid In Phd

Lera boroditsky on firealpaca

For the correct statement of the purposes of training and education of the teacher it is important to analyze more stoutly conditions in which there will be an expert after training and for which it has to be thoroughly prepared.

At total control of knowledge the received Kus is considered as follows. At Kus = 0 - 9 the mark "5" is put down, at Kus 9 - 8 - mark "4", at Kus 8 - 7 - mark "3" and at Kus <7 - mark "2".

It appears that for each kind of activity, so and for each subject it is possible to allocate in the expert way quite certain quantity of UE as a first approximation characterizing the volume of training or volume of assimilation.

Factor which constrains development of this system, is that fact that in system of vocational training of Krasnodar Krai is very numbed, conservative, stopped in the development on traditional forms of a lesson and not suffering what innovations.

On it all pedagogical system, since its initial links, demands reorientation to the solution of this most important task - preparation of the contingent of the people able to adapt quickly and successfully in a difficult situation and to make the right decisions in any, most extraordinary situations.

to "cognitive structure" D. S. Tollingerova undertook (19 27 kinds of tasks she united in five groups: tasks on reproduction of knowledge; the tasks demanding simple operations (definition, the analysis, synthesis, comparison; the tasks demanding difficult cogitative operations (interpretation, the argument); the tasks demanding for the solution of thinking; tasks on productive thinking with on its basis of the written or oral statement. The author tries to prove that the offered typology settles all types of the tasks which are found in modern textbooks.

The called requirements I follow from the general conditions of optimization formulated in the system analysis. To set the purposes diagnostichno (i.e. "is checked"), it is necessary to agree with their measuring instruments previously. The technique of use of such measuring instruments in the form of certain criterion and estimates of quality of training is shown in the subsequent paragraphs.

Education methods (in narrow sense as independent methods in practice of vocational school hardly give in to allocation and classification because education has to be integrally included in training process. It is possible to carry a method of a personal example in behavior of the teacher to them, a method of confidential interpersonal communication, carrying out actions beyond the scope of the curriculum (cultural actions, socially significant acts, participation in public life, etc.).

Creation of logical structure of a subject has to be followed by selection of a training material (UE) from the total amount of scientific discipline. Criterion for selection of a training material is the unconditional, specific need of the pupil for the offered knowledge and abilities for future activity on prospect in 5-7 years from the moment of training.

The analysis of the content of training and creation of the structural and logical scheme of educational process where educational elements of which, as required, modules can be formed are specified in logical sequence and interrelation is the basis for development.

As examples of UE it is possible to call various phenomena, processes happening in the car on production, public life; UE are various parts of machines, technological tools and modes of work and other. Thus various UE in total form various combinations and are on a certain gradation of the count - structures of a subject.