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Fruit bodies consist of plotnoupakovanny hyphas which form false fabrics of mushrooms. Let's make an incision a leg of a fruit body of a mushroom of an oyster mushroom. By consideration of a cut under a magnifying glass we are convinced of it. Sketch taken away schematically in a notebook.

Let's consider on the example of a mycelium (a vegetative body) of an oyster mushroom ordinary a mycelium structure. Myceliums consists of the hyphas having an appearance of cylindrical tubes to 10 microns in the diameter possessing top growth (apikalny) and plentiful branching. Hyphas of the highest mushrooms, being weaved among themselves, form a mycelium, at the separate

The oyster mushroom ordinary has one interesting feature: her fruit bodies develop on the vertical plane, than on the horizontal better. Temperature in the nursery room has to be moderate (15 – 16. ), it is necessary to provide inflow of fresh air, high humidity and sufficient illumination here. A crop it is possible to collect in two waves, with intervals in 1 - 2 weeks. As the oyster mushroom ordinary uses nutrients very quickly, the first collecting mushrooms makes 75 – 80%.

So at use of regulators of growth when entering into a mycelium substratum productivity of an oyster mushroom increases by 36%, and obrastaniye terms for 7 – 8 days. It speaks about prospects of use of regulators of growth not only at cultivation of the higher plants, but also highest mushrooms.

Also there is a symbiosis of mushrooms and plants which the mikoriza is called. Mushrooms "give" to a plant water from the top layer of soils, and a plant - organic substances. Mikoriza – symbiosis of roots of the higher plants and a mycelium. Symbiosis is a mutually advantageous existence.

Mushrooms – beskhlorofilny organisms which carbon for the growth and gain developments from ready organic substance. This the huge, numbering 65 thousand types group on the situation is intermediate between plants and animals. On availability of urea in a metabolism, chitin in a cover of cages, a spare product of a glycogen (but not starch, they come nearer to animals. On the other hand, on a way of food by absorption (but not swallowings) food, the most part of mobility in a vegetative state they remind the unlimited growth, absence plants.