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In my opinion, it is expedient to include department of information of the Website of the INTERNET which will be a link of hotel with subjects of economic relations both in the city, and beyond its limits in structure of hotel. It is caused by that in department of information work on information support of activity of hotel and organization of its contacts for system the INTERNET will concentrate. The main objectives of department of information are:

Their purpose — not only ensuring exchange of information ^ certain users is information - vychislitelna) systems, but also and creation of possibility of cooperative use for them of the distributed information resources of society,

Suppliers of tourist services use a number of the communication technologies capable to provide direct satellite covering of the international events, business by means of teleconferences from mobile intermedia (for example, opportunity to make a call to any part of the world from a board the plane. Various video means are also necessary for obtaining information on a stay place, its attractive features. As a result of application of IT safety and quality of tourist services increase, and there is no change of their obvious human contents at all.

The new technology provides automation of many hotel processes, electronic reservation, introduction of the technologies promoting improvement of quality of service at the same time at reduction of the personnel. The automated systems are directed on labor productivity increase, a raising of level of knowledge at the highest administrative workers. There is more and more usual a combination of professions that involves the growing need for more fundamental preparation of the personnel, for training in their several professions.

Systems of information exchange of Internet can be divided into systems of individual and collective communications in this division classification on systems of the interactive and postponed access is entered.

Informatization of economy — this transformation of information into an economic resource of paramount value. There is it on the basis of the computerization and telecommunications providing essentially new opportunities of economic development, repeated growth of labor productivity, the solution of social and economic problems, formation of new type of the economic relations.

fund in case of successful work of the enterprise. The investment component of the allocated funds was hardly enough for implementation of the current rescue and recovery operations. About serious reconstruction and expansion of production base the speech did not go.

Financing of activity of the recreational enterprises almost always was insufficient and, besides, had unilateral character - higher structures covered all costs connected with a production activity, provided the corresponding wages fund and some bonus

According to the marketing director of the Sabre company Carolina Green, this system already feels some recession of number booking connected with growth of number of subscribers of Internet. He wishing to be reconciled with possible resignation, KSB look for ways of a survival and cooperation with Internet. So, Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo already declared that Internet as for communication are going to use with

The commercial service perfroms calculation of the prices for foreign tourists, and that is interesting, data of economical department thus are practically not used, and in a basis, apparently, the universal price level of hotels of a similar class is used.

Analyzing a role and value of information technologies for the present stage of development of society, it is possible to draw quite valid conclusions that this role is strategically important, and value of these technologies will quickly increase in the near future. Belongs to these technologies today

- complex service, as from the point of view of the producer, and the consumer. At last / it - is information saturated service. Therefore tourism - both international, and internal, - the sphere of the growing application of information technologies.

Special information is requested by divisions and distributed on structural divisions of hotel. Information intended for wide use is offered to clients free of charge or on a commercial basis.