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In the West, therefore, Celtic traditions were very strong and were supported by the most various sources and monuments: messages of the ancient writers telling about life of Celts and their eagerness to fight; literary monuments - the Roman era, in particular an inscription on tombstones and similar constructions; etymological communication in names of the rivers, districts and heights; Celtic coins, which finds were quickly multiplied; subjects of Celtic art and material monuments in the nature; and, at last, casual anthropological researches. All this gradually slightly opens history of the Celts ruling Europe many centuries in a row and sprouted in modern culture.

 the present in world culture is difficult to track heritage of some one people. And in general terms of the people and a nationality it is traced very relatively, adjusted for our possible ignorance and first of all with an assumption of that the reliable data which are available for us. Thus, it is possible to speak about what in our representation division of the population of the Globe into separate ethnic groups, what their role in historical process and, as a result, in formation of modern civilizations is only.

This list can be continued, but undoubtedly one - Celts perceived the world surrounding them as something integral (without division into the nature and culture), harmonious and balanced. And for this reason the huge attention was paid to non-infringement of this balance, maintenance of this world order. Both such harmonious and balanced existence was perceived by Celts as the only way which is not conducting the person to accident.