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Use of the seals and stamps extended now with the replaced font can be revealed when comparing with an original print on features of a font, placement of separate signs and lines relatively each other.

The stylistic - characterize a manner of a statement of thoughts, language, very tectonics of the text. In the texts which are usually found in investigative practice it is possible to judge style of a statement on structure of words and creation of offers. So, it is possible to speak about official, scientific, technological, publicistic, colloquial style.

The size of line spacings is a distance between the lower terminations (the line of the basis) of signs in a number of the located lines. The uneven size of intervals testifies to printing with the switched-off interval mechanism or to its malfunction.

Damp documents dry at the room temperature in the straightened look. The filed document cannot be filed for edges. It is expedient to place it in the straightened look or to already available folds put on in an envelope between sheets of white dense paper or a cardboard. Necessary inscriptions on envelopes are made to the room of documents in them.

Experimental samples - manuscripts (signature) executed according to the proposal of the investigator, quick worker especially for comparative research. They have to be close according to the contents to the studied text are executed in similar conditions. Experimental samples can be received when writing from dictation of the investigator or by independent writing of any text. For this purpose is formed, the special coherent text in which the words which are available in the studied document repeat. If the person from whom examples of handwriting are taken away, tries to change handwriting, it is possible to accelerate dictation, to increase the volume of the text or to declare a break that writing forgot, what changes he made to handwriting.

In relation to tasks and objects of technical research of documents special techniques which are applied directly by the investigator in an inspection routine and preliminary research of documents and when carrying out examinations are developed.

Sometimes for production of counterfeit documents the original seals or stamps of other organization are used, but thus their contents masks. For this purpose the press during a touch to a sheet of paper slightly turns, its print turns out indistinct "greased".

— the traces of a fake of prints of the seals and stamps determined by roughness of lines, strokes of letters in their various size, on an unequal arrangement of axial lines of letters concerning the direction of radius in round stamps and to discrepancy of axial lines of letters to a perpendicular to the line of a line in stamps;

The texts which are crossed out and filled in with dye manage to be read, using light filters, the electron-optical converter. The text which is filled in with ink of the same color is investigated in ultraviolet rays. If the text is filled in with ink of violet or blue color, the contents it can be revealed by photography with use of the light filter of the same color, as blackened. When the text is executed on one party of paper, it can be humidified with gasoline owing to what it becomes translucent. Then the document is photographed in the passing light.

Typewriters are characterized by the general and private signs. Treat the general: size of a step of the main mechanism (step, size of line spacings, keyboard type, set of signs, font measure.

Dopiska signs: distinctions in color and shades of strokes, initial and new records, placement of separate entries in the text, in width of strokes and clarity of handwriting by which the compared records are executed; the squeezed or increased intervals between letters, words, lines; availability of impurity in one strokes absence them in others and so forth.

Experimental samples have to be executed by means of the writing device of the same look and on paper of the same quality (on density, color, the sizes,, as investigated the document not less than on 10-15 sheets and have to reproduce all studied document or contain separate words (phrases) which are available in the studied document.