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The state provides to the craft enterprises more considerable privileges, than to other firms therefore handicraftsmen, as a rule, do not want to expand the business and to turn into small businessmen.

The most essential distinction between the craft and small enterprise consists that the handicraftsman himself works, participates in production as the worker. Its income is sufficient only to carry out simple reproduction.

Certainly, the small industrial enterprises possess different technical potential. Small firms which take root into the advanced subsectors, seek to equip production with the most perfect equipment. Therefore at all not a rarity when the small industrial firm has the most up-to-date computers, the multipurpose equipment, the processing centers.

In the conditions of the intense commodity competition when rates of updating of the range become a decisive factor, small firms show fair mobility and flexibility. As a rule, the prerogative of such companies — is initial stages of introduction of innovations, behind large firms remain more capital-intensive stage of expansion of production.

It is necessary to specify, however, that in the USA carry to a services sector not only service and trade, but also consulting, education, information support, financial activity. Thus relationship of spheres of production and service are so close that it is possible to draw an accurate distinction between them not always.

In the industry small firms work in all subsectors and are presented both in traditional, and in the most advanced spheres of production. The small companies with identical success melt additives from the high-alloyed steel at own mini-plants and release the high-quality scientific equipment. The general mechanical engineering and genetic engineering, the textile industry and microelectronics, tanning and shoe production and a robotics — everywhere is present and successfully small business functions. Moreover, in many countries pin hopes for the accelerated development of perspective types of production on the small dynamically developing companies.

It is planned to develop the normative documents eliminating administrative, economic and organizational obstacles to development of leasing announcements, and also acts on strengthening of protection of the rights of hired workers, etc.

From the point of view of organizational forms in small British business the individual companies, partnership and joint-stock companies prevail. The small firms founded on various forms of collective property to a thicket join in system of the subcontract relations with large corporations (45% of all joint-stock companies, 26% of partnership, 18% of individual firms).

Small business, quickly reacting to market condition change, gives to economy necessary flexibility. The small companies are capable to react quickly to change of a consumer demand and at the expense of it to provide necessary balance in the consumer market. Small business makes an essential contribution to formation of the competitive environment that for our highly monopolized economy has paramount value.

The fund is the non-profit organization which is carrying out financial security of the federal program, participation in financing of regional programs, and also the projects and actions directed on support and development of small business including the carried-out GKRP.

Venture business can be characterized as accumulation of financial means from various sources (70% of the cumulative risk capital of the USA make means of corporations, individual investors and pension fund for end of the scientific and technical projects promising high profits.

In Italy small and medium-sized companies which number exceeds average values on the EU, form a basis of updating of national economy. They already proved the ability to provide the high level of competitiveness of export production.

In the USA, for example, the venture companies of three types work: corporate (subsidiaries of large corporations); independent and private investment companies of small business; acting under the auspices of Administration for small business. On the first two types about 600 companies, are the share of the third — about 50